We are a group of technical and enthusiast individuals motivated by the crypto currency revolution. Our love for the Cardano project like many others, occurred while watching a TEDtalk about how the future will be decentralized. Charles Hoskinson’s vision captivated our team. We have whole heartedly developed a passion for this Idea, and wish to make it our reality. Cardano needs developers, education, advertising, and everything in between to grow and be successful. Our expertise in computer assembly and software engineering spans over twenty years. We currently make Art, and news videos to bring awareness to the community. The business is focused on all things related to Cardano Stake-Pool technology and decentralization. We are currently enrolled in the Haskell Plutus Pioneer program. We intend to develop and growing this network. With your support, we can develop a new and more fair financial system for our and our children’s future.

Simple Fact, Ask yourself this?

How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case. Savings account interest rates have declined since 2010 when the national savings account interest rate was 0.19. In 2017, the savings interest rate is just 0.06 on average — a rate that has held steady since 2013. We need to think differently.

By utilizing our Stake-Pool MaximumMint (ticker AMINT), You can start to grow your investment far greater than leaving your money in a bank. Its not a question of if you will grow, only who will take the path to get there. Cardano has proven to be a stable, and aggressively growing asset class. The community is filled with selfless operators working daily to share the benefits of this new ecosystem. We are all here because we know this is the work that needs to be done. We are driven because we have a greater purpose in our design that no other crypto project offers.

We use secure cloud servers with multiple backups. Our servers are safe in high security high bandwidth facilities. We have a reliability rating of 99.9% by utilizing this technology. So rest easy knowing your ADA has every opportunity to grow on our Server MaximumMint. This is an apt name for our Premium server. The MaxumumMint server uses the ticker |> AMINT<|

When you delegate with MaximumMint (ticker AMINT), your funds are always in your own wallet. Simply put, you can not lose money through Staking. Knowing this, now you can relax and let our server do the rest. All you need to do is watch the rewards come on in. These are our actual servers at site. Please see our contact page for questions.

We here at CardanoMint thank you for your consideration and support with this truly worth while project. Cheers!

Link to our current Stats: https://adapools.org/pool/ba67e271c925f7b066a00f4c9cbb9f27b13cef1ab02cca4c245c8acc .

Video That inspired Us.