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MaximumMint is an official Stake-Pool Service provider for the Cardano network. At MaximumMint we are committed to server uptimes and maintaining the security and stability of the network. MaximumMint uses state of the art security measures to protect all our servers. MaximumMint uses backups with cloud storage using the best, most reliable computing infrastructure designed to date. We are currently using our Server: MaximumMint (AMINT). This server has been built to handle the massive growth this network will see over the next 5-10 years and beyond. 


Our mission is to help support and protect a Truly decentralized block chain. Cardano will bring financial services to more than 3 billion people, who are currently unbanked all over the world. With the current negative state of our worlds financial systems, we need a smarter alternative. Not just any alternative, But a financial system that has been designed under peer review from some of the top minds from around the world. It's time for change, we need to start actively participating and supporting projects that will bring balance to the world. Cardano and our server MaximumMint are exactly how we plan to do our part. Join us today in making the world a better place for us and our children. 

Looking for  a safe and stable place to stake your ADA? Look no further, MaximumMint is the way. 

Search: "MaximumMint"
Ticker: AMINT

Consistent annual returns. You can find us on either Yoroi or Daedalus Wallets using the Pool I.D. below.


Follow our easy step by step instructions by clicking HERE.

Latest Video

In the video above I discuss the value of "K" as it relates to stake pool performance.

Server Information

MaximumMint uses multiple servers to provide reliable uptime.

We have backups for our backups. We use both steel and cloud servers. We have back up power generators with over 100 hours of back up power. We use fiber optic lines with redundancy. We use all the current security protocols and watch our severs all day everyday. Our servers will even restart automatically if something goes wrong.

Stake Pool Information

We charge a low fee which means more rewards for you.

Our fees are competitive and fair. A lot of work goes into running a stake pool. We have currently lowered our fees to 2.5 percent. We hope you enjoy all the extra rewards you get from our reduced rate.

More information available on AdaPools and PoolTool.

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